Sunday, April 8, 2012

Proper Home Insulation Saves Energy

Do you feel a draft in your house? Is it cold in the winter and hot in the summer no matter how hard you blast the air? You might have an insulation problem.

Having bad insulation in your house can cost you a fortune. While you are blasting the heat in the winter it is going right outside and the air is coming in all over the place which means you are just splurging all that money for nothing. With proper insulation you can cut your heating bills and cooling bills into a fraction of what you are spending now.

It starts with the roof. Obviously heat rises. When you are heating your house all the heat is rising and expanding outward which means it is leaving your house and being replaced with cold air from outside. If you just insulate your roof without even starting with the rest of the house, you could already be saving an incredible amount of money. In the summer the heat can get in through the roof and seep in through all the cracks and heat up the cool air in your house so you get spots of cold air and the rest is warm or hot air. Your air conditioner might not be broken. It could very well be your insulation.

Crawl spaces can be letting the unwanted air in because it is not insulated. The vents and piping leave un-insulated holes all over the place that allow the air to come up into the house from the floor.

Light fixtures let air in too because the hole around the entrance of the wires is not insulated.

Window panes are the same. Those are the most common. If you don't have storm windows or insulated window frames, those are the most common ways to heat up and freeze your house.

Insulating your house with spray foam is the best and newest way to go. It lasts the longest and makes sure to cover all holes all the way without any rivets or cracks in the regular type of foundation.

You may pay more initially but over time you will be saving the most because of the heating and cooling bills and also the value of your home will go up. Since spray foam lasts a lifetime you will essentially be paying less because you won't have to re-insulate. You can find a professional contracting company that will help you with your insulation and offer you the best price they can to ensure you happiness and comfort in your own home.

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