Monday, June 25, 2012

Roofing: Four Common Roof Repairs

The roof, like any part of your home, can wear down over time and begin to have visible and invisible issues. These issues can start out small, but if they aren't dealt with accordingly, they can become large and very expensive to fix. That's why it's important to have your roof checked out on an annual basis, and opt to take care of minor issues while they're still minor. There are five common roof issues that present the need for a prompt repair. If you're experiencing any of these problems, get on them as quickly as possible.
Leaks. This is a pretty easy problem to spot, is almost universally known as a problem -- there are no good roof leaks, after all. A number of reasons could be behind a leaky roof, from poorly-installed flashing to compromised seams. If you see signs of a leak, you should take action because it will likely get worse as time goes on.
Bad installation. If your previous roofing company did a poor job installing your roof, you might be suffering the consequences of that shoddy workmanship. Having another company come in to check out the work and possibly do some repair work is probably the best way to solve this particular problem.
No maintenance. Your roof should do a great job protecting you and your home from the elements after its installed, but only if you keep up with the required maintenance. After all, a car will drive fine after it comes off of the assembly line, but you can't expect it to run just as well a decade later without regular oil changes, tire rotations and realignments. Your roof will need check-ups and adjustments, too. Don't neglect these needs.
Shrinkage. On roofs that use what is called a single-ply membrane, the possibility exists that the roof could eventually suffer from "shrinkage," when the single membrane being to contract. Evidence of shrinkage can be seen near the flashings on the roof, where the single-ply membrane will start to pull away as it shrinks. Allowing this shrinkage to continue will inevitably lead to issues down the line.
Homeowners should keep their eyes peeled for these four signs, as in most cases it means that a roof repair is needed to address a particular issue. Catching these problems early and dealing with them quickly can help save you money by not allowing the problems to grow into bigger, more expensive problems that take a harder toll on your wallet.

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