Thursday, June 28, 2012

Five Reasons To Keep Gutters Clean

Are there reasons to keep gutters clean or should they just be allowed to remain full of the awful rubbish year after year? With spring now upon us, is there any way this job can be avoided?

Along with the budding of the leaves and the bright green shrubs come those gritty, grimy outside tasks. Chores like potting, planting, gardening, mowing and the most dreaded one, cleaning dirty gutters, have become synonymous with spring.

The buildup of fallen leaves, mud, mold and sticks make this one of the least desired of all springtime jobs. There are those who believe in just leaving the gunk as it has built up. The following are at least five reasons to keep gutters clean.

#1. Damage Discovery

During the winter months, rain, wind and cold weather can damage gutters in many ways. Leaving the dregs that have developed over the winter months will conceal any damage that occurred during that time period. Cleaning out the residue will give the property owner the knowledge of what needs to be fixed before the damage gets worse and is just one of several reasons to keep gutters clean.

#2. Hinder Root Growth

During the winter months, the buildup of dirt, mud and leaves provide an environment similar to compose. This earthy medium will catch hold of seeds or roots and it is not unusual to find small trees or plants that have taken root. Keep gutters clean to prevent this from happening.

#3. Prevent Roof And Wall Damage

During the harsh winter months, ice, snow and wet debris sit next to or piled on the roof. This causes the moist rubbish to sit against the wood next to the house and settle under the slats on the roof causing damage. Another reason for cleaning the gutters is to keep the wooden roof and wall dry, thus preventing damage from the resulting condensation.

#4. Keep Gutters From Overflowing

Gutters that are not regularly cleaned, preferably twice a year, cause water from debris that is overflowing to rain down onto the foundation of the house. As this water collects, it stands and pools, thus causing damage to the support system of the house. This is just another reason to keep gutters clean.

#5. Protect Landscape

The landscape around the house is used not only to make the house look nice but also to prevent soil erosion. Gutters that are not regularly cleaned allow for excessive rain and water to collect and pool under the gutters. This pooling erodes the soil around bushes and shrubs and allows greenery to become damaged at the root.

That first breath of fresh, spring air is wonderful after a hard, cold winter. However, the thought of spring cleaning is not much to look forward to, especially the thought of cleaning those gutters. The five reasons to keep gutters clean mentioned above are reason enough to make sure this chore remains at the top of the priority list.

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