Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Solve Your Roofing Problems

Often homeowners take their roof for granted. The only time that the homeowner truly sees its imperfections is when it starts to fail and water starts dripping through the ceilings.

As time passes the roofs structure and materials become weaker. When putting on a new roof there is a vast range of things to think about. Personal taste, particular weather conditions within the area and most importantly budget will all affect the choice of roofing.

Functionality comes low on the list of homeowners priorities, most choose a roof because of personal taste and budget. Some roofing choices are just too unrealistic for the application and weathering factors, so homeowners may have to vary their original choices. Salesmen sometimes try to make the best sale that they can and will from time to time misinform homeowners.

Wooden shakes are available on the market and give a natural feel. A wooden shingle that is made from split logs is called a shake. Shakes are fairly dear and change in colour over the years from light brown to soft grey but involve high maintenance to achieve both aesthetics and functionality. Wooden shakes can last a lifetime with regular maintenance, although they ought be treated to become fireproof.

Slates are also a reliable roofing material to use. Slates are very sturdy and will last a generation, nevertheless they can be very heavy and could demand extra expensive support. Slate is fire resistant and has an extremely low water absorption index. It is extremely resistant to frost damage and breakage due to freezing because of its low tendency to absorb water.

If you ask any roofing company they will inform you that asphalt shingles is the most widely used choice of roofing. Asphalt shingles are covered in granules and either has a rustic or smooth look to them. Asphalt shingles are low-priced and very straight forward to mend, but do not necessarily meet the homeowners aesthetic standards.

Tile roofing is enormously popular, with either clay or plastic finishes. Roofing tiles are so popular because they are practically maintenance-free. Both clay roof tiles and concrete tiles normally last a lifetime, and with hard-wearing and fireproof qualities they are a popular roofing material. Clay is so versatile and handmade clay roof tiles give a look and effect to your property that cannot be copied with any other roofing product. They come in all sorts of sizes, colours and shapes which make them tricky to install, hence it is wise to take advice from professionals.

There is a vast range of roofing products out on the market today, and before rushing off and applying them, it is wise to research the advantages and drawbacks in order to make the right decision first time. Homeowners make the mistake that budget comes before any other decision, but if the roofing does not match the look and feel of the home then perhaps the decision was taken too lightly.

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