Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Choose Your Own Roof Inspector Before Buying a Home

Choose Your Own Roof Inspector Before Buying a Home

How a home inspection works
Nearly all of today's home purchase contracts include a home inspection contingency clause, which is a provision allowing the buyer to hire a professional home inspector to thoroughly evaluate of the house and determine if there are any issues with its structure or systems. Once a purchase contract has been signed, the buyer can book a professional inspector of their choosing, whom they may or may not accompany during the two- to three-hour inspection.

typical home inspection includes a check of a house's structural and mechanical condition but can also encompass tests for radon gas, detection of wood-destroying insects and other services requested by the buyer. Back in 1976, the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) standardized the home inspection process and established Standards of Practice dictating what must be inspected as well as how far the professional home inspector needs to go to report their findings.

According to ASHI, the ten critical areas for inspection during the process are the structure, exterior, roofing system, plumbing system, electrical system, heating system, air conditioning system, interior, insulation and ventilation, and fireplaces.

Once the home inspection is complete, the inspector creates a report for the home buyer detailing all that was found. This report will note problems requiring immediate attention and conditions that could lead to more serious issues over time.

After the home inspection
Once the home inspection is complete, the inspector will be reporting results only to their client, the buyer (a circumstance bound by law in many states). The discovery of major material issues─the kind of stuff that's a big enough deal to be a sale roadblock─may bring you back to the negotiation table, and should be the only impact on completion of the sale.

A small hole in the wall is hardly a material defect, but if  the house needs a new roof, that's material because somebody could decide not to buy a house if they knew it needed a large repair like that.


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