Thursday, May 22, 2014

Vacaville Homes Ventilation Requirements

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Poor Attic Ventilation Can Ruin Your Insulation, Destroy Your Shingles, And Raise Your Energy Bills!

Proper attic ventilation systems allow a continual flow of outside air through the attic, protecting the efficiency of the insulation and helping to lower temperatures in the living space. Not only is poor attic ventilation a health hazard for families living in warm client zones, like Solano county, proper attic ventilation is also recommended by the U.S. FHA.

It is estimated that 9 out of 10 homes in North America do not have proper attic ventilation. Why? Because most people are unaware that attic ventilation can impact the durability of their entire home. In the summer, improper ventilation can cause attic heat to build in excess of 160°F. This highly-heated air eventually permeates the ceiling insulation into the living area below.

Is your roof properly ventilated? Give us a call today for a free analysis to determine your roof's ventilation requirements.

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