Saturday, November 3, 2012

Signals of Potential Roof Damage

A great number of reasons could be behind the cause of roof damage such as falling objects, weather (wind, rain, snow, etc) and animals. A significantly damaged roof has the potential to cause structural problems to a property and encourage mildew in mold growth. If you are aware of the main signs of roof damage it will help you determine what the right course of action might be to have those repairs rectified. If wishing to inspect the roof it often helps to use a pair of binoculars and look from ground level. Avoid walking on the roof as this can be very dangerous. Also, certain signs of roof damage, such as leaks, are often quite evident from within the property.

A leaking roof is often repaired quickly and easily provided that the damage isn't too significant. If you are able to detect the area of the leak, then it often helps to isolate the problem and have it repaired appropriately.

Here are some are some of the most common causes for roof to leak, which should help you determine if he roof needs the assistance of a professional roof repair contractor.

1) Missing or Loose Tiles

Missing or loose tiles are often quite noticeable and one of the easiest signals to confirm a roof has a problem. The potential for a leak is quite high and this problem should be rectified as soon as possible. Also, if the tiles or shingles appear to have folded, cracked or blistered, then this is another concern, as tiles in this condition aren't likely to be able to protect the roof from severe weather conditions.

2) Exposed or Loose Nails

Exposed or loose nails are a further sign of a damaged roof, which might result in water damage. Loose nails are a problem as the rainwater has the potential to flow beneath the nail head and into the property.

3) Sagging Roof

A sagging roof can indicate signs of quite significant damage to the roof. A roof might sag at either the reaches or slope. You might also become aware of a roof sagging between the rafters in the loft.

4) Guttering

If the guttering system often overflows than that might indicate that the roof isn't actually functioning as it should. Also, it is important to look out for water that seems to collect at the base of the house or foundation, which can also indicate the start of a roof related problem.

5) Internal Water Damage

If you start to see signs of internal water damage then this is again an early sign that the roof is damaged in some way. Although, depending on the extent of damage, this problem might relate to insufficient ventilation inside a house. Common signs of water damage inside a property relate to stains on the ceilings or walls, a ceiling that starts to sag, and stain wood.

6) Cost of Heating Bills

If a problem with the roof starts to gets quite bad then you might notice the cost of the heating bills going up. For instance, if a leaky roof is able to let cold air into the property, it would be a lot more difficult to heat the home, and as a result the cost of the monthly gas and electricity bills will increase.

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