Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Common Types of Roof Damage

Your roof can last up to 20 years if it is built well or regularly maintained. One of the biggest reasons a roof can fail is by lack of maintenance. You can help your roof last longer by using the proper measures to check for repairs needed and to ensure you are doing what you need to do for the type of roof that you have.

A well-built roof is built by the proper materials that will withstand the adverse weather conditions for your area.

The signs of a damaged roof are different and vary by the type of roof you have. The list below are some popular types of damage your roof can have.

1. Cracks or Tears - Roofs with tiling or shingles may crack with age. Cracks can cause potential leaks in the attic or crawlspace. Cracks may not always be seen from the ground. Some cracks can be too thin to spot without close inspection.

2. Hail Damage - When a storm hits your neighborhood, it can be difficult to see the hail damage done to your roof. There are ways to detect whether there is actual damage to your roof without having to physically climb on top your house. Check your gutters for dings and dents. If hail damaged your gutters, chances are, there is hail damage to your roof. You can also look at the drain spouts of your home. Roof damage will show black mineral deposits around the downspouts.

3. Wind Damage - The stress levels of wind are higher on the corners of the roof. Wind can loosen the materials at the corners and once loose, wind can go underneath and push the roof up, exposing the underside. Rain and hail can creep in and the looser the roof, the more the wind can grasp on to it to tear it off. Other forms of wind damage to a roof is flying debris. This type of debris can accumulate or block drain pipes causing flooding.

4. Debris - Accumulated debris can cause damage to all parts of the roof's drainage system, from the gutters and downspouts to the drain openings. Organic debris such as leaves can create fungal growth or dark brown to black stains on your roof. This type of debris can cause moss to grow which can shorten a roofs life by holding moisture in concentrated areas of the roof. Also, depending on the climate your house is in, this moisture can freeze.

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