Sunday, May 20, 2012

Seamless Gutters Add Style to A Home!

Gutters are considered a minor component of a roof in terms of size, yet actually contribute a great deal to the longevity and overall look of a building. They are mainly intended for gently channeling water run off from the roof to the ground but can be an aesthetic element in the design of the home as well.
Little has changed in gutter design over the years; however, there has been improvement in the type of material used as well as in installation methods. One type that is often preferred by professionals because of its flawless design and durability are seamless gutters or eaves troughs.
Although small in stature, gutters have a very large role to play, especially during rainy weather. Rain moving down a sloped roof contains great velocity, which can eventually damage even concrete pavement. Splattering from its impact can also soak into adjacent walls, causing damage to paint and possibly causing any wood to rot. Gutters are specifically designed to collect water from the edge of the roof and direct it through a proper drainage system.
Aside from its water protection role they play, gutters can also add a major design statement to a house. With the right color and curves, continuity can be added to the roof design and look much better than a plain drip edge.
Seamless vs. Sectioned
Aside from the type of material, eaves troughs are categorized by professionals based on construction, which is mainly sectioned and seamless.
  • Sectioned - These are ideal for a D-I-Y effort, as they are pre-formed and pre-cut to a uniform length and can be purchased from most construction stores. With just a few cuts and some sealant, an average person should be able to set this system up without much help.

  • Seamless - This type is constructed from one long strip of metal that has been custom formed and cut for a specific roof so the number of joints are minimized and generally require professional installation. While both types work equally well during rain, seamless gutters have a considerable advantage in terms of longevity as well as better aesthetic features.
Aesthetic Advantage
The biggest advantage of seamless eaves troughs is the freedom to be customized into any kind of shape and design rather than being limited to available shelf designs. This is possible because of the fact that the raw metal strip is machined and shaped right at the site so it has the flexibility to be just about any design to compliment the roof or other parts of the house. With completely customized gutters, blending the color to surrounding elements is much easier since a matching or contrasting color can be chosen rather than the selection at the pre-painted gutter sections of a home improvement store.
Practical Advantages
In terms of longevity, seamless troughs have a longer service life than sectioned counterparts due to the fact that there are a reduced number of seams and are therefore less prone to leaks. There is also the option of choosing much thicker material than what is conventionally used in prefabricated types which gives them an overall advantage.
In summary, seamless gutters are an ideal option for a long-lasting, custom and quality finish is desired. This choice offers more flexibility since the option to choose a specific design and the quality of the material used is available. Hopefully this article has highlighted the advantages of seamless gutters and how they can add unique style to any home!

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