Saturday, January 14, 2012

How Can a New Roof Save You Money?

Today, the majority of people consider their most valuable asset to be their home. In fact, for the greater number of people, their residence is the asset in which they are most willing to invest their money. There are many ways to innovatively beautify a house while maintaining or adding to its value as well.
Homeowners usually allot more of their housing budget for things inside the building, such as fixtures or air conditioning, while finding every excuse to save money when it comes to replacing their roof. The truth is that unknowingly, they may be wasting their money on a bad system. When the appropriate roof is installed on a house, it will save money in the long run even if the initial outlay of money is somewhat more expensive.
Using White Roofs
Hot and sunny weather can cause the consumption of energy to increase dramatically, especially when an air-conditioning system is in use. Using white roofs will dramatically decrease expenses related to air-conditioning by 20 percent, especially during the summer months. Furthermore, this decrease in energy consumption means the ventilation system is contributing smaller amounts of carbon dioxide emissions into the environment. Emitting less carbon dioxide into the environment means less harm is done to the ozone layer.
No matter what type of material is used for housetop coverings, painting them white can actually slash 15 percent off electricity bills. This is a positive step toward helping the environment and one way to save energy while helping to cool the home. Usually contractors install a white covering on the roof that is a shiny plastic-treated material. This material will reflect the sun's rays and result in a decrease in room temperature in the building.
Roofing Physics
Light-colored roofs are cool coverings and the physics behind this fact is simple. Light and heat are both delivered from solar energy. Lighter colors can reflect back considerable radiation fractions and also re-emit small amounts of the absorbed heat, thus keeping the building cooler. Light-colored coverings can include traditional colors such as cream, gray and sienna which are options other than white from which buyers can choose.
Cool Metal Roofing
Metal roofing has a growing demand with consumers because it offers not only solid and presentable housetop coverings, but also great savings of up to 40 percent off the annual energy cost for a household, especially when it is painted with a light color. Metal coverings that are highly emissive can reduce air temperatures in an urban location. They contribute to spending less money in each family unit and create less air pollution in the neighborhood.
Homeowners who want to renovate their residences for resale should think about buyers who usually choose metal roofing systems. There is a higher gain on resale of up to six percent on structures with these systems as compared to those who use asphalt. The benefit of the safety and longevity of this quality covering is usually a positive factor that attracts buyers.
High-Technology Improvements
The benefit of constantly improving technology in every industry ensures that the highest quality of housetop coverings for every household can be achieved. More and more contractors have committed to the quality of these product designs that will fit almost anyone's budget. An example is the new reflective pigment used in coating housetop coverings. This is a special coating formulated to reflect infrared rays. The result are homes that are much cooler and much more energy-efficient than any others on this planet.
Homeowners should invest their money on a good quality, energy-efficient roofing system that is appropriate for the area in which they live. This will not only make their home more attractive but add value to it as well. Contacting a contractor to discuss the many roofing options available for almost any budget may be the best decision a homeowner could make to save money since purchasing their residence!
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